3 thoughts on “#BuyLocal”

  1. Well, if people are going to start hating you because of this article then they hate me for an article I wrote last year. I didn’t go after the “buy local” people as such, but I did say that without chains and larger companies coming in that there would be high unemployment because those companies hire a lot more local people who then stay in the community and have the money to potentially spend in local businesses. There does need to be a mix of both, in my opinion, because that’s what builds character in a community.


    1. Mitch, I could not agree more with you. It is great to support local businesses who in turn support other local businesses however they cannot employ an entire community. Thats where the big box chains come in, they are a very much necessary part of the economy life cycle. SO for Syracuse, the mall expansion and Costco in Camillus will only lead to great success for local businesses because more people will have more money to spend within the community


  2. I’d be curious to see about statistics in the global economy – like where is the money going, how it is impossible in today’s world to have 100% of your domestic and business needs met by local businesses, and so on (since keeping money local is the main argument for shopping locally). Do we really need giant chains if everyone works together as a community, or do the numbers show decreased unemployment rates? Since big-box stores do not provide much more than minimum wage, it also means less money in pockets after living expenses = less money to spend locally, and a need to find a second job in some cases.

    Also, I think it takes some time and resourcefulness to find what you need at a local store, since people flock immediately to stores like Target or Walmart since they’re pretty much in every town, and are familiar and easy to shop.

    And I totally see advocating for both, since I see a lot of it happening in our town here as well – I get about 50% of our groceries locally through CSA’s, farm stands, etc. and I used to work at a big-box store and shop around as well.


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