The Argument In Support Of The DCEU

2 thoughts on “The Argument In Support Of The DCEU”

  1. I have a couple of things.

    The first is an editing issue; I believe you meant “think” instead of “thing” a few times in the article.

    The second is the comparison thing. That’s just how it goes when there are movies with similar backgrounds if you will. Like the Star Wars vs Star Trek thing; movies with different themes and types of characters yet they’re compared all the time.

    The third is that I believe you’ve touched upon something I hadn’t considered before, that being the darkness issue, literally and storyline related. I wouldn’t go see the last Batman movie because the previews made it seem like it was going to be really dark and joyless, and based on reviews after the fact (not just by critics) that seemed to be true. I can’t think of a Marvel movie I’ve seen where that kind of darkness was prevalent throughout (even the two Hulk movies had moments of lightness).

    As for Suicide Squad… that’s one where I’m going to wait until it comes on TV before I decide to check it out. As an older guy, the only characters I’ve ever heard of is Harley Quinn & the Joker, and in a group that wasn’t enough to compel me to pay for it. Kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy; I didn’t pay for that either because I had no idea who they were supposed to be. lol


  2. First of all, thanks for the shout out. 😉 I think I need to explain my soundtrack statement better. I think they used the music as James Gunn did (or tried to) in GOTG – as almost a character of the movie. As each character was introduced, they had a song that was trying to be related to them (Harley’s bothers me because Joker DOES own her). Also, some songs seemed like they were chosen to (try) to go along with the plot.

    I get what you are saying about comparing them. While I am a diehard Marvel fan, I still love DC Comics. I bought the 52 hardcover book the day it came out (actually had it preordered) and enjoyed reading it way back when (although, admittedly, I have forgotten a lot of it and should reread it). I know I shouldn’t compare this to Marvel, but it is hard. They are all comic book movies after all.

    Trying to not think about Marvel at all, here are some of my thoughts (I am sure you heard them in my video review: but I will leave a couple here for those that have not seen it.

    I really felt the movie was too disjointed for me. It seemed obvious where the reshoots were stuck in to add humor. DC should have stuck with what they know – dark movies (as you mentioned). I am willing to bet without that reshoot, it would have been a lot better. I think it created the holes and the parts where jokes just did not fit in (“Killer App” made me roll my eyes).

    Where were Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash while Enchantress was trying to take over the world? No mention of them at all? That is just not an accurate portrayal of what would be going on. You have to admit, the heroes would be trying to save the day – especially after 3 days have passed.

    As you said, Enchantress. Those who don’t know anything about the comics would be totally lost. Who is she exactly and why is doing this? There was not enough of a backstory there for her. Also, like you said, why even bother with Slipknot? I thought he was going to be a lot bigger of a character the way they advertised him.

    Killer Croc was so bad. That walk? And I could barely understand a word he said.

    Lastly, Joker was WAY too underused. Jared was great – his laugh gave me chills. But the movie almost made him seem incompetent (in my opinion). We barely saw any of him and I wish we had seen more.

    Sorry for the long comment! Agree to disagree overall. But I have my fingers crossed that the director’s cut will blow this version out of the water.

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