The Start Of A New Life – Chapter 1: The Freak Out

3 thoughts on “The Start Of A New Life – Chapter 1: The Freak Out”

  1. YEP. I had the same reaction to my seminar and then the following visits. I was astounded by the teeny little medicine cup and being told that that little thing would hold AN ENTIRE MEAL for a while! I had the same reaction, too, to needing to lose weight before surgery. Which I didn’t, by the way. I gained actually and insurance still ok’d it but I don’t recommend that strategy! Like you, in the years preceding surgery I never ate ‘healthy’ things and sure didn’t want to start. I wanted to have a food funeral for 3-6 months so I’d be completely full of the most cheesecake possible before surgery. LOL. And that’s pretty much what I did. I’m going to say the nerdy thing now though and I’d probably have wanted to punch me back then but: start with one meal. Make one meal ‘healthy’ and then go on about your day eating whatever you usually eat. And start with just 20-30 minutes of walking each day. Do it, don’t make it hard, just do it. A quick thing over your lunch hour, even. Even during my extended cheesecake-a-bonanza I did start walking each day. I fully believe that that alone will start you down the path to getting approved and all that junk.


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