Freedom From Social Prison

Walk around the mall, walk into a coffee shop. Watch people sitting on park benches, sitting in their cars at a red light. Everyone has their phone in their hand. Even as I write this my phone is nearby and I have at least two tabs open on my browser monitoring social media. We have... Continue Reading →

Social Content is King

It is 2016 and brands still post "billboards" on social media. This to me is absolutely mind boggling. I understand the need for a static marketing such magazine ads and actual billboards. What I do not get is these type of ads on social networking. I think brands that does this are missing the biggest key... Continue Reading →

The ‘Like’ Button

We all know what it looks like. We have seen it hundreds of thousands of times. The Facebook 'Like" button. We click it when we see a photo, post or video we like from a friend or company. We aimless click it when companies say "click LIKE to win". We even click this button when... Continue Reading →

Is Twitter Doomed to Fail?

    Recently Twitters COO left the company as growth and engagement begin to stall. Which raises the question - Is Twitter doomed to fail? The answer to this is no, but yes. Here is the thing, in order for Twitter to survive it needs to release products that support its core functions. It once... Continue Reading →

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