Still Coming In First

It appears Meerkat continues to one up competitor Periscope in the Live Streaming App arms race. Not only did Meerkat beat Periscope to market during a critical time at SXSW. They have beat them by launching their Android App first. The Android app still carries on it a "Beta" label, so expect there to be... Continue Reading →

Meerkat Has Some Problems

It would appear that despite its growth in popularity during this years SXSW in Austin, TX, live streaming app Meerkat has a host of issues on its hands. I first talked about Meerkat last week on the this site, you can find that post here. Limited access With its acquisition of the app periscope, Twitter took... Continue Reading →

Live Streaming Video Over Social Media

Most people are familiar with such platforms as UStream and Livestream. If you are not, these are websites that you can use a webcam and broadcast live over. These are great platforms for things like conferences, meetings, or even the Pandas at the National Zoo. All of these platforms are great for what they do, however... Continue Reading →

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