You know when we first started we had one simple goal in mind - to be Central New Yorks best Tech source available. We were on a friggin role. Then we branched out. We began writing about comic books and superheroes. Then the Syracuse New Times came knocking at our door. Asked if we... Continue Reading →

5 Times TV Predicted The Future of Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing. It is every changing, and always growing. There are new things that come out everyday that help to change and shape our lives for the better. When these new products and gadgets come out we always herald its creator as a genius for coming up with such life changing things.... Continue Reading →

Whats The Point?

In a recent interview with the Syracuse NewTimes, Joe Cunningham did an amazing job of painting a picture of UrbanGeekCNY being all about technology, He presented me was a local tech expert, which I truly appreciate but am hesitant to embrace. I am not here to put down this interview because I agree with the frame... Continue Reading →

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